Open source static web framework

Quick overview

Genit is a command line framework, essentially based on conventions, to build static web site. It is designed with readability in mind. A simple example, to inject the pages in a template:

    <genit class="pages" />

May be one can say Genit is a xhtml framework...

Genit 2.1 is released


This release adds support for Haml and Sass.

Genit 2.0 released


Finally, the version 2.0 of Genit is over.

New in this release:

  • Improvement of the layout folder structure, which leads to faster compilation
  • Genit is now html5 only
  • Genit provide a web server for development
  • Config file is no longer an hidden file
  • I remove all css templates
  • Genit put an error message when the main template is malformed

Quick Install

    gem install genit

Genit is a Ruby application, meaning you need a Ruby interpreter to be able to run it. See installation details.


    genit create my-test-site
    cd my-test-site
    genit compile
    genit server

Now point your navigator to localhost:3000 to view your new site.

Genit in the real world


Genit is a free, open source software licensed under the MIT license.